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Jamaica Society Folk Ensemble

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JASFE has described as being able to bring a taste of Jamaica/ Caribben and the Caribbean to any event with its rhythms and beats.


The Jamaica Society Manchester Folk Ensemble (JASFE) was established by the Jamaica Society Manchester in the 1980s with the aim of promoting and maintaining Jamaica’s cultural heritage. It also has a tremendous impact on the younger generation. Many of the founders have now retired back home in Jamaica but there are few of the original members in the current group, e.g. Cecil Brown, Albert Clarke and Enid Saunders. The drummer of the group is Abina Likoya- the founder of Abisindi

The group was re-established in 2002 to commemorate Jamaica 40th independence anniversary and to coincide with the Queen’s Jubilee. It is Co-ordinated by Joan Johnson (Chairperson)

JASFE has had a tremendous impact in helping the younger generation especially third and fourth generation to appreciate their Jamaican roots, enhancing their self esteem and ide

ASFE has held numerous workshops in schools and community centres and performed at many conferences, festivals and carnivals throughout the UK , including, Labour Party Conference , Souk Kitchen with Community Arts Northwest and many more...